Equipment Programs

Equipment Lease Program

Interested in managing your own vending machines in your office space or building, but don’t want to purchase the equipment outright? Our equipment lease program is a perfect solution for such scenarios. By leasing the equipment directly from Premium Vending, you can focus directly on operating it yourself while keeping all the profits.


Equipment Maintenance Program

Have your own vending equipment and need a maintenance program to keep your machines running smoothly? Our equipment maintenance program is designed to give you peace of mind. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to address tech problems, deal with coin mechanisms, control boards, bill acceptors, compressors, debit card readers, or have a vending management system to help you optimize your restocking initiatives then we have solutions for you. We can tailor a cost-effective maintenance program depending upon your specific requirements, so you can continue to focus on the product sales side.

Equipment Refurbishing Services

Do you have old snack machines that need refurbishing, but no time or space for the job? Our Equipment Refurbishing Services can assist you with upgrading your equipment to give your customers a better experience. We can do a complete overhaul with a new door, control board, coin mech, bill acceptor, and more. Your machine will look brand new once we are finished upgrading it. And more importantly your customers will be happier with the equipment!