Office Pantry Service

Free vend set-up where employers pay a monthly fee to offer products free of charge to their employees. Your “pantry” will be restocked as often as needed to ensure that your shelves, coolers and cabinets are always filled with the products you love.

Pantry service can include

Office coffee, reach in coolers and snack racks. Our team will work with you to customize a budget and design that best fits your needs and your available space.

We can help you transform any break area to create the right look and feel, and select the best products for your needs.

If you are a company that wants to reward your employees with free beverages and snacks we have a solution for you. We have programs that are 100% free to the employees or programs that are partially free.

If you are currently running to Big Box Stores to buy snacks and sodas for your employees to save a couple of bucks we have the solution for you. We can save you time and frustration and also the potential of a very costly workers
compensation claim.

Problems of running to the Big Box Stores:

  • Limited selections
  • Having to buy variety packs
  • Dedicating an employee to keep everything stocked
  • Having to count and account for all the cash
  • Employees hurting themselves lifting heavy cases

We are experts in providing these types of programs

You would be surprised how affordable they are especially when you take into account the simplicity of letting us do it:

  • Customized product selection for your company’s needs
  • Coolers, snack baskets, and bins all provided at no cost to your company
  • All products tracked for maximizing your budget
  • Fully stocked and maintenance free by our team