Water Cooler Service

With our service packages, every water cooler is delivered, installed and maintained by a fully qualified engineer. We also include twice yearly planned preventative servicing, including parts and labor, and full call out and repair services.

Filtered Water

  • Filtered drinking water dispensers of your choice
  • Installed by one of our trained service engineers
  • Twice yearly service with all parts and labor included
  • Full call out and repair service
  • Replacement unit if a repair cannot be undertaken on site
  • No additional charge; labor & parts all covered
  • Sustainable footprint cutting plastic waste
  • Reduces cost from bottled water
  • Hot and cold-water supply
  • Countertop and freestanding models
  • Entry-level and high-capacity
  • Flexible contracts


    • A water cooler with all the flavors and none of the waste
    • Our capsules. The Lavit magic lies in our patented EcoCaps. Yes, it’s a capsule, but it’s not what you’re thinking. They are 100% aluminum and 100% recyclable.
    • Lavit is a machine that sits atop your counter and provides still & sparkling water that’s been filtered & chilled. Plus tons of other beverage options and flavors. That’s it. No hidden equipment, no weird requirements.
    • With 25+ flavors of teas & seltzers, there is something for each person in the office. We know health looks different to everyone, so we span the sweetness spectrum, with something to suit all of your tastes. Doesn’t it feel good to have options?
    • No cross contamination